Crafting SoulCycle’s New Design System

Hi there! Welcome to SoulCycle’s new brand guide— which will serve as an explanation of how we look, sound, and come to life as a brand. We’re a culture powered by happiness, hospitality, and celebration and we hope to share some joy with you.

Our mission is to move people to move the world.

Mind Altering Fitness

What is Mind Altering Fitness?
Our rides follow an arc designed to induce both physical and mental shifts. Our bikes may be stationary but they take our mind as far as it wants to go. While the journey is unique to each of us, the feeling of the mental shift is universal. That’s what we call Mind Altering Fitness. 

What is a mental shift?
It’s the mental journey a rider takes during a SoulCycle class through a trifecta of physical intensity, positive messaging and empowerment that leads to clarity and breakthroughs. 

Shifting the focus to our riders

Mind Altering Fitness shines a spotlight on the shifts that our riders experience during their journey— from the moment they clip in, until the release of the ride home. SoulCycle is the place that truly alters your state of mind that changes the course of your entire day, week or life.


Our brand framework is made up of creative and expressive elements, which allow for visual consistency for any medium and at any scale.

Consistent and Grounded

Structural elements like our logo, color palette, and typography keep us grounded and consistent. These core components work together to ensure our brand is recognizable wherever it appears.

Playful and Expressive

The flexible elements of our brand celebrate creative expression. Our new approaches to illustration, animation, and photography allow us to communicate with a wider range of emotions, take more risks, and showcase the creativity of our artists and designers.

These elements work together to create a cohesive system.

A classic icon,

The Skull is one of our heritage brand Logos. It’s been with us since day one. It represents the side of SoulCycle that makes our riders feel tough and strong.

A time-honored typeface—
with some added Soul.

Meet Helvetica Stamped. A custom typeface created just for SoulCycle. Helvetica Stamped and Helvetica Neue are our primary typefaces. SoulCycle will give to you whatever it is that you put into it; making each person’s experience different. Because of this, we decided to use a neutral typeface designed specifically not to give an impression or have any inherent meaning. The magic is you.

Our primary typeface is Helvetica Neue LT Std.

There are a LOT of Helveticas out there. Ours is Helvetica Neue LT Std. It’s important to use the correct one so that our brand materials look consistent.

We also get personal
with handwriting.

Folks on our team use their own handwriting for super-special, hospitality moments. Most often as thank you notes or celebratory gestures.

SoulCycle Yellow is still our brand color.

Yellow is our brand color. It’s happy, distinctive, and bright, just like us. Yellow is also the color of the Third Chakra (yes, we said it!) which symbolizes energy, clarity and confidence. Think of it as our visual shorthand.

Our secondary palette allows us to be more flexible and dynamic. We use this palette in both functional and surprising ways.

We redefined the boutique fitness experience— again.

Mind Altering Fitness
SoulCycle is the ultimate mind body experience for those who seek to move their bodies, transform their minds and unleash their souls. Go there.

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SoulCycle is more than just a workout. It’s a sanctuary. A space where you can come as you are and celebrate who you are. To work through whatever struggles you are facing that day and emerge feeling stronger and inspired. The thousands of tiny miracles that happen during this experience amount to more than just calories burned or muscles worked. Because moving your body and working your mind changes your soul.